Massage seats and colour therapy lighting

Massage seats and colour therapy lighting

Simply relax and enjoy the advantages of a Buenospa massage hot tub.  

Buenospa hot tubs combine the latest technical innovations with exceptional style.
Our experts draw upon the experience of ancient Eastern massage culture, coupled with the science of modern hydro therapy.

Our specially designed adjustable warm water jets direct deep tissue hydro-massage to specific points of the body’s muscle-skeletal system.

Enjoying a Buenospa hot tub on a daily basis will bring many therapeutic benefits that include; promoting rapid healing of stressed or damaged muscles, relieving back and spine pain, and enjoying a deep and restful nights sleep, to name just a few.

SEATS of Buenospa hot tubs

The design of the seats and recliners in our hot tubs was preceded by a long planning process to manufacture products that are ergonomically perfect.

The shape of the seats matches body contours so that you can spend hours in the hot tub comfortably. The seats are designed with various jet sets and arrangements to meet different needs, so everyone can find a place ideal for him/her.

Our hot tubs are available with the following massage seats:

Buenospa Hot tub seats
RELAX massage seat
It targets the regeneration of the shoulder girdle and the longitudinal back muscle tissues, as well as the hip flexor muscles and the knee extensor muscles – the muscle groups most exposed to everyday loads.

EXPERT massage seat
Its adjustable nozzles can achieve their physiological effects with customized directions and strength.

COOL DOWN massage seat
After a complete body massage or water gymnastics, sometimes it feels good just to stay sitting on the edge of the pool, and let our back muscles be lightly massaged. This seat is perfect for children, too.

FOCUS massage seat
It offers its user an experience similar to the Expert effect, relaxing the longitudinal back muscle tissues, and passively exercising the hip and the thigh flexor and extensor muscle groups.

BODY flow massage seat
The massage seat with the most intensive physiological effect; in addition to the trunk’s muscle fibers, it also has effects on venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower limbs, bringing relief to vein valves.

INTENSO massage seat
The most refreshing massage seat. The favorite of professional athletes. After exhaustive and intensive training, it ensures the regeneration of the most critical areas, the back and leg muscles.


Select a colour to match your mood

Buenospa exclusive color therapy lighting

Colours can evoke both a special atmosphere and emotions in people, which can have a profound impact on the body. Colour therapy has a positive effect on our psychological condition. As early as in ancient Egypt, the beneficial effects of sunrays when separated into colour spectra was recognized, and also used. During the development of medical science, the effects of various colors on the biological functioning of the body was repeatedly researched. Today, these results are widely used by medical science as light and colour therapy. The hot tub control unit changes the basic colours slowly and continuously; or, at the push of a button, you can choose the colour most fitting your mood.

Exclusive colour therapy lighting is built into the sidewall of the hot tub, directly under the water surface, consisting of 11-18 LEDs (depending on the model).

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