Why should you choose our New York hot tub?

Why New York hot tub is the best choice for you?

Find out from this short video.


New York hot tub provides an unforgettable experience for 6 people at a time. The arrangement of the jets ensures optimum neck and shoulder massage, while the MyHip™ jets provide professional-level waist and hip massage. This model also includes a MySeat™ reclining place.

Practicality and comfort in a single product, the New York adapts to your individual needs! The main feature of our product, apart from its 85 x 85 inches space requirement, is that it has 5 standard seats and 1 lounge seat, meaning that even a larger group can enjoy perfect comfort. Unique waterline lighting makes sure that you relax not only your body, but mentally as well. The soft, yet modernistic design ensures that the exterior will be to your liking as well.