Winter relaxation in your home

With the arrival of colder seasons, people spend more and more time in their homes, with family and friends. Holiday periods provide a great opportunity for long evening conversations, deep learning and a break from the hectic everyday life. In addition to hot chocolate made with granulated sugar and crispy gingerbread, these evenings will be perfect with a full-body relaxing massage.

The jets of BuenoSpas relax your body from your toes to your neck with a massage of the perfect strength for you. If you need a pleasant, just tickling muscle movement, then the jets provide an opportunity for this as well, but if you want to achieve the exact opposite, with a strong, more sporty movement, that is not an obstacle either.

When using hot tubs, it is important to take into account that each sitting and lying position massages a different part of the body. Thus, it is worth setting aside about 1-1.5 hours if you want a full-body massage, as 15-20 minutes in one position is perfectly enough. However, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the winter period so that our hot tub works perfectly and its water is crystal clear.


Winterization for continuous use

There is no need for a service team to inspect well-functioning hot tubs, as we help owners with a general inspection in a simple description on our website. If you find a discrepancy, our support team is at your disposal.

In winterization, one of the most important points is to use the right chemicals, which result in even cleaner water with their quality. We tried to find a solution with which the user does not have to deal with water maintenance for long hours, so we strongly recommend the Frog @ease system for this period as well. This self-regulating device is also gentle on the skin, as it uses 75% less chlorine, but thanks to our disinfecting minerals, the water will be crystal clear and almost odorless. And for perfect relaxation, you don't need anything else than the hot tub in your home, with a beautiful water mirror, in which your family can gather at the end of a hard day.


Energy-efficient hot tub use

Nowadays, it is worth paying extra attention to our energy consumption. Not only from the point of view of runaway energy prices, but also from the point of view of protecting our environment, it does not matter at what temperature we use our hot tub.

The warm water of the spa has a beneficial effect on your body, your joints and the relaxation of your muscles in addition to experiencing the massage experience. Thus, it is not worthwhile to change the temperature, but to implement cost-cutting solutions that have already been proven to reduce energy use.

One of our suggestions is Scandinavian insulation, which reinforces the internal insulation of the hot tub. This solution can reduce the energy required to heat the spa by approximately 50%. The installation of a heat pump is also an useful environmental and energy-efficient solution, which can be used to reduce the heating of the spa by approximately 50%. These budget-friendly solutions help the user to use his hot tub all year round under conditions that he can afford.

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