The HorizontSide cabinet is made from horizontally laid, thick-lath, wood-effect units on the sides, and vertical thin cabinet panels on the corners.

No more sanding, oiling and messy maintenance of a traditional timber cabinet.
Our spa cabinets are made from a UV resistant polymer material that looks as good as real wood but is entirely maintenance free.
The contemporary colour suit both interior and garden settings.


  • Its exceptional thermal conductivity increases the time you may comfortably – without a hot water refill – spend in the tub or pool, and at the same time it conserves energy.
  • It has excellent sound insulation properties and significantly reduces noise intensity through the tub wall – so the neighbors won’t be bothered if you feel like taking a refreshing massage in the middle of the night.
  • By purchasing it, you help us support environmental protection, since during PU processing – as opposed to fiberglass technology – no harmful gases are generated.


Proper insulation is just as important for hot tubs as it is for residential houses.
The triple insulation of Buenospa tubs takes advantage of all the thermal benefits of pool engineering, while it reflects the colder outside air.
Several hot tub manufacturers tend to use only single-layer spray foam insulation, which fills the entire space between the shell and the cabinet with foam harmful to the environment. Another typical mistake is to install valuable pool engineering too far outside of the cabinet. In the cases of such systems, valuable amounts of energy actually escape to the outside, which is neither beneficial for your wallet nor supportive to the environment.

From this perspective, the triple insulation provided by Buenospa ensures a complete solution to this situation. The inside of the cabinet – down to the floor and on the side walls – is covered with a thick layer of heat-reflecting foil for insulation, while the shell is coated with several layers of polyurethane foam (about one cm thick) which is well known for its very good thermal insulation properties.
Heat from the pumps and the heaters is reflected by the foil to the inside of the shell, in this way heating the pool cabinet and the water as well.
This unique and high-quality insulation type makes every Buenospa hot tub extremely energy efficient, saving you a lot of money, and ensuring that your hot tub is operated in an environmentally friendly way.

Further advantages of POLYFOAM insulation:
  • Non-allergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • No condensation
  • No risk of bacterial infection
  • Clear, odorless substance without evaporation
  • Flexible, lightweight
  • Energy efficient, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Produced using CFC-free technology



The BuenoSpa tubs multi-stage filtering and conditioning system is designed to provide exceptionally high quality crystal clear bathing water.
The ozone generator produces ozone which when mixed with water is a powerful oxidant that helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae that could be present in the water.

The BuenoSpa tubs are equipped with filter that provide cleaner water. It prevents the growth of bacteria. Inactivates harmful microbes particularly efficient, thereby increasing the life of your product. Filters provide fresh, clean and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Colors can evoke both a special atmosphere and emotions in people, which can have a profound impact on the body. Color therapy has a positive effect on our psychological condition. As early as in ancient Egypt, the beneficial effects of sunrays when separated into color spectra was recognized, and also used. During the development of medical science, the effects of various colors on the biological functioning of the body was repeatedly researched. Today, these results are widely used by medical science as light and color therapy. The hot tub control unit changes the basic colors slowly and continuously; or, at the push of a button, you can choose the color most fitting your mood.

Exclusive color therapy lighting is built into the sidewall of the hot tub, directly under the water surface, consisting of 11-18 LEDs (depending on the model).


The insulated one piece molded floor pan forms the foundation upon which we build our spas. The pan sides extend upwards and form a, moisture and insect proof barrier to protect the spas structure from the detrimental effects of damp ground.
Our reflective barrier insulation system extends across the floor pan to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn through the base by the “cold sink effect” that is created by damp ground.


Immortality for the spa cabinet`s frame!
The special polymer ensures exceptional stability and life for the Spa’s structural frame – protecting and extending the life of your investment even further.


The design of the seats and recliners in our hot tubs was preceded by a long planning process to manufacture products that are ergonomically perfect.
The shape of the seats matches body contours so that you can spend hours in the hot tub comfortably. The seats are designed with various jet sets and arrangements to meet different needs, so everyone can find a place ideal for him/her.

Our hot tubs are available with the following massage seats:

RELAX massage seat
It targets the regeneration of the shoulder girdle and the longitudinal back muscle tissues, as well as the hip flexor muscles and the knee extensor muscles – the muscle groups most exposed to everyday loads.

EXPERT massage seat
Its adjustable nozzles can achieve their physiological effects with customized directions and strength.

COOL DOWN massage seat
After a complete body massage or water gymnastics, sometimes it feels good just to stay sitting on the edge of the pool, and let our back muscles be lightly massaged. This seat is perfect for children, too.

FOCUS massage seat
It offers its user an experience similar to the Expert effect, relaxing the longitudinal back muscle tissues, and passively exercising the hip and the thigh flexor and extensor muscle groups.

BODY flow massage seat
The massage seat with the most intensive physiological effect; in addition to the trunk’s muscle fibers, it also has effects on venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower limbs, bringing relief to vein valves.

INTENSO massage seat
The most refreshing massage seat. The favorite of professional athletes. After exhaustive and intensive training, it ensures the regeneration of the most critical areas, the back and leg muscles.


The control panel includes all the functions you may need for perfectly setting your hot tub – all in a single interface. Compact LCD display – bright enough to be visible at any time of day; simple to use, so you can use it even in the middle of the night.
- Compact multi-function menu: all settings and hot tub functions are accessible in a flash to ensure that you can complete the required hot tub settings as quickly as possible.
- Lighted LCD display: bright and visible, temperature, winter settings, or several other functions may be easily set on the LCD display.


We manufacture all our own covers to ensure consistent quality and the highest level of thermal insulation effectiveness. This helps to keep our customer’s energy costs to a minimum.
Our covers include features like a full length hinge buffer seal, internal vapour seal, and a marine grade UV resistant outer cover. the top surface slopes like a house roof so that rain can easily run off. Available in grey colour.


Ozone is a natural gas found in the atmosphere and simply consists of 3 oxygen atoms. Our ozone generator injects ozone into the plumbing system where it is pre-mixed with circulating water, this neutralizes any bacteria, viruses and other contaminates. The ozone then rapidly degrades into normal oxygen.

Advantages: • Reduces the need for caustic chemical sanitizers by 60-90% • Only by-product is oxygen • Highly effective sanitizer – kills up to 99% of dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses • Eliminates oils, lotions and other contaminates resulting in crystal clear water • 100% natural and biodegradable

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