How to protect your BuenoSpa hot tub?

Summer has arrived, so more and more people are using their outdoor BuenoSpa hot tubs. To enjoy the relaxing water for several years, you need to take certain precautions. What are these?

Use a cover lifter

Countless people think they’ll just buy their hot tub, and they don’t have to worry about it from then on, maybe sometimes they pour in some chemicals, refill the water, and they’re done. There are several other ways you can keep your BuenoSpa hot tub clean. The easiest is to use a cover lifter on your hot tub. This protects it from leaves, beetles, and weather conditions, as well as from dirt. You just put it on, when you don’t use your hot tub. Easy, isn't it?


Easy cover lifter

Change and clean filters regularly

If you use hot tub filters, not only visible but also less noticeable contaminants (such as dead epithelial cells or sebum detached from the skin) are easily filtered out. Therefore you have to change it and clean it regularly. BuenoSpa paper filters can change with just one move, and you could clean them easily with strong water pressure. Please clean the filter weekly and change it every three months.

Hot Tub filter cleaning system

A small device in your hot tub makes your life easier

A spa water analysis system is a very useful device. At the start of the season, this smart water analyser should be placed in the water in your BuenoSpa hot tub and then you can track the analysis results via a mobile application. It analyses the spa water by swimming in the water, under a cover, or built into a filter house. The sensors are protected by a hard covering that has been designed for several years. The battery lasts for a full season and can be charged with a USB charger.


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