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Why are BuenoSpa spas unique?

The materials for our spas are imported from Europe, thus guaranteeing excellent quality.

In addition to our revolutionary technological innovations, we also emphasize environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies. Thanks to our U.S. headquarters and our well-stocked inventory we are able to provide quick delivery, so that You will not have to wait for months to enjoy the wellness experience you were looking forward to.

Are there health benefits to owning a hot tub?

Based on mounting scientific data, it appears so. Regular use of hot tubs show promising benefits for a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments, including: Back pain, Blood pressure, Muscle pain, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and more.

You should always consult with your physician before engaging in any form of hydrotherapy, including hot tub use. But from our vantage point, consistent hot tub use appears to be an ideal complement for anyone looking to improve their health.

Are Buenospa hot tubs comfortable?

Of course! Our spas are ergonomically designed and can offer excellent lumbar support but each Buenospa hot tub is different.

How do I install my BuenoSpa hot tub?

A hot tub full of water can weigh over 3000 lbs! For this reason it must be placed on a 4 inch thick reinforced concrete slab, or an equally sturdy wood deck (on compacted earth) capable of holding 100 lbs per square foot. You should never install on a balcony or unsupported deck, or set on the bare earth.

The spa, hot tub cover and hot tub cover lifter need to have room to operate, and depending on which cover lifter is used, you will need from 6" to 18" of clearance on 3 sides of the hot tub. Also important is easy access to the equipment hot tub pack (pump, heater, filter, blower, valves, etc.).

Our hot tubs are very heavy and easily damaged, so if you intend to move one make sure you have plenty of help and good dollies/trailers to help move the spa. It is usual to put a hot tub on its side for moving, but take care not to put it on the pumps side as the door on most hot tubs is very weak.

Note: Hire a trailer or flat bed to drive from one address to another, most hot tubs will not fit in a luton or a transit van. If in doubt call us and we will help you in moving spas.

I am going away, should I turn my spa off?

Not necessarily, but we do advise the following: if you go away during the summer turn the temperature down, adjust the chemicals or even drain completely. In the winter, with the risk of freezing, we advise you to adjust the chemical levels and set the control panel to sleep mode. The temperature of the water will drop but the frost protection system will protect the spa.

Is Ozone necessary?

Ozone is a natural gas and kills bacteria, aids water treatment and is up to 20 times more effective than chlorine and bromine. It is highly beneficial to water quality and we recommend it. If you have any concerns about this or any other form of water treatment, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How often do you need to Change the Water?

That depends on how much you use the spa or hot tub, and how clean your bathers are, but generally speaking, most residential spas are drained every 3-4 months. For hot tubs that are mandated to conserve water, there are ways to extend your time between changes for up to a year if needed.

Why is my water cloudy?

Cloudy water is usually caused by one of four things: Not enough sanitizer in the water. / Poor water balance. / Poor filtration. / Old water.

If your hot tub water is cloudy, take a sample of your water in for testing. If the water test shows problems with either sanitizer or water balance, follow the directions to fix the problem. Your water should then clear up in 1-2 days.

If the water test shows everything is good, your problem could an old filter. If your hot tub filter is more than 12 months old, replace it. If your filter is still pretty new, the issue could be that your hot tub water is “old”.

What Tests do I need for the Hot Tub Water?

You'll need to regularly check the hot tub pH level, just about every other day, or at least before you use your hot tub. The pH level should be adjusted if needed, to be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Why I need a Hot tub Cover?

Because it is covered and shaded your hot tub from the damaging effects of the sun. Just a few hours of daily direct sunlight can damage hot tub interior surfaces. Hot tub covers also serve an important safety function by keeping out children and animals.

Do I need an Universal Cover lifter?

Yes - without one, you risk damage to the spa cover while moving it, or when it's off the spa. And if your cover becomes even slightly waterlogged, it's heavy.

Is a hot tub safe?

Our hot tubs are safe but please follow the guidelines. The electrical connection must be carried out by a qualified person and adhered to the current regulations. Most safety involves common sense and hot tubs are no different; do not leave children unattended, keep electrical equipment away from the tub, make sure the cover is locked and secure when not in use etc. If pregnant or suffering a specific medical complaint you should always consult a doctor. Always read the guidelines on chemical use.

My hot tub is running but not heating?

Often your filter can get dirty and restrict the flow of water through your heater. This will cause your heater to not run properly. To see if this is the cause, try taking your paper cartridge out and see if this causes your heater to start running. If that happens, you need to clean or replace your cartridge to stop the restricted flow.

I just refilled my hot tub, the pumps are not running properly and it is not heating?

Air locks happen when the hot tub is being filled with water. It is possible for both ends of a plumbing system to simultaneously fill up with water at both the suction end and the return end which sometimes leaves an air lock in the plumbing. This can cause both heater and pump problems. To overcome this issue it is suggested to push the hose pipe down into where your filters screw in which should purge all the air out of your important heating and circulation systems. You may also need to momentarily loosen the union that is on the front of your pumps to purge out the air.

How do I register my hot tub warranty?

Your spa manufacturer warranty is automatically registered at the time of purchase. You just need to keep your invoice for proof of purchase if warranty service is needed.

How do you clean a hot tub filter?

Filters will over time clog with dirt and oils until they no longer allow water to flow through. When this happens jets can feel less strong and heaters may cut out. On a regular basis it is important to thoroughly clean your filters. First remove the filter(s) from the spa and then soak for 24 hours in a container of filter cartridge cleaner. This will chemically break down the oils so that when you remove from the cartridge cleaner, rinse with a hose and time permitting, leave the filters to dry. Since the amount of time to properly clean filter(s) could take up to 48 hours, it is recommended to have a spare filter(s).

Can my spa be plugged into an outlet?

No, your spa must be hardwired for 220 volts to National Electrical Code standards by a qualified, licensed electrician.

Do I need a permit for my spa?

Most municipalities will require a permit when installing a spa. Although the spa is portable, the electrical wiring will need to be approved by an inspector to ensure the safety of the installation. Also, if any decking or concrete slab work was done, that too usually requires a permit. Please check with your city inspector to check your requirements.

How long should it take a hot tub to get hot?

Firstly, we must remember hot tub heaters vary considerably (usually from 1kw up to 6kw). Also the volume of water to be heated varies, as does the hose water temperature from summer to winter. As an example, let's look at a 300 gallon hot tub with a 1.5kw heater, with summer temperature hose water. You should expect this to be hot in about 20 hours. Bigger spas, different heaters and winter hose water will all vary your heating time period. A final point - hot tubs are designed to be hot 24/7. Once a hot tub is hot you are only ever topping up lost heat. A 1.5kw heater will put about 3 degrees of heat into a spa per hour, so a typical after a 30 minute session your spa may drop about 1 degree, meaning it will take about 20 minutes to recover.

How do you drain a hot tub?

Many hot tubs have bottom drains which you connect to a hose and run to a drain. However if you do not have a drain this is not a big problem as you can purchase a submersible pump to drain the spa.

How often do you have to change hot tub water?

As a rule you should change your water every 3 to 4 months. Sometimes if the spa has had a lot of use it may be a good idea to change the water more often than this. The problem is TDS Total dissolved solids, just like a cup of tea if you keep putting in sugar there will come a time that it just does not dissolve. Same with a Hot tub if you keep adding chemicals to maintain the spa then there will come a time that it will be very hard to correct imbalances and it is best to just change the water.

Is this meant to be used outside in extremely cold climates?

The spa equipment will protect itself along with the spa if it detects a freeze situation. The other spas that our colleague worked on would sense the temperature on the heater, this being exposed and probably the first area in the spa to get cold. If the temp dropped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it would turn the pumps on to circulate the water. If the temp didn't go up to 60, it would turn the heater on until it reached 60.