Outdoor or indoor?

You just want to purchase a new Buenospa hot tub, but still don’t have any ideas, where to put it? There are lots of positive and negative opinions about putting your hot tub indoor or outdoor, but let us show you some tips, after which you can decide more easily.

Climate and Privacy

If you live in a region with a mild or warm climate, placing your hot tub outdoors can be a great option. You can enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings while soaking in the hot tub. In colder climates or regions with extreme weather conditions, an indoor hot tub might be a more practical choice. It allows you to use the hot tub year-round without worrying about weather-related issues. Additionally, it can provide more privacy and protection from the elements.

Outdoor hot tubs can offer a more open and spacious feel. However, they may be less private, especially if you have close neighbors or live, so you can enhance privacy with landscaping, fences, or hot tub enclosures. Indoor hot tubs typically offer greater privacy since they are enclosed within your home. You won't have to worry about prying eyes or nosy neighbors.

Space and maintenance

Outdoor hot tubs require a suitable outdoor space, which may include a deck, patio, or dedicated area in your yard. However, indoor hot tubs need sufficient space within your home, preferably in a room with proper ventilation and structural support. You'll need to plan for drainage and moisture control to prevent potential damage to your home.

Maintenance is a key factor, and outdoor hot tubs may require more maintenance due to exposure to the elements. You'll need to clean the hot tub more often, maintain the water temperature, and protect it from leaves, debris, and extreme weather. Instead of this, indoor hot tubs are typically easier to maintain since they are sheltered from the elements.


The cost of installing an outdoor hot tub may vary depending on factors like landscaping, deck or patio construction, and the need for additional features like fencing or lighting. Against this, installing an indoor hot tub may require more significant home renovations, including ventilation, flooring, and electrical work, which can add to the overall cost.

The choice between an outdoor and indoor Buenospa hot tub depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Decide, which solution fits you the best, and buy your own spa today!