Spa Water Analysis Station

Our Spa Water Analysis Station monitors and controls hot tub water maintance. Thanks to the smartphone app, you connect to the hot tub in real time, so you can see the current state of the water every time you open your app.

  • Put it in water and it will immediately join the hot tub.
  • Measured compounds: chlorine, bromine, salt water electrolysers.
  • It is always at your service 24 hours a day via your smartphone or tablet.
  • It also analyses the hot tub water by swimming in the water, under the cover or placed in the filter house.
  • The sensors are protected by a hard covering which was perfected last for years.
  • The battery lasts for a full season and can be charged with a USB charger.

 Smartphone Application

Spa Water Analysis Station Mobile App

  • Personalized analysis: This device connects to the hot tub quickly analysing the quality of the hot tub water

  • Recommendations: This device's artificial intelligence predicts changes in the water and alerts you in a timely manner to prevent potential problems

  • Indicates changes in the weather: This device takes into account changes in the weather and lets you know what to do. Spa Water Analysis Station, for example, reminds you to cover the hot tub in case of strong winds.




You can watch this short video about the Spa Water Analysis Station here!