Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas
Having an outdoor BuenoSpa hot tub is great, but you might find yourself feeling a little exposed to the elements… or your neighbors. So, what’s the solution? Let’s explore the best backyard hot tub privacy ideas for 2023 so you can soak in solitude.

Outdoor Hot Tub Placement

The first and most important thing is to install the BuenoSpa hot tub to the right place. For this, your backyard must be prepared, the ground must be in level, and the location of the electrical connectors must be also provided.

It also matters what size of a BuenoSpa hot tub you choose for your backyard. There are countless models on the market, from 2-person hot tubs to massive 7-person hot tubs. Smaller versions can be covered more easily, but larger hot tubs might force you to get more creative when looking to add privacy to your surroundings.

Let’s review some of the most popular, and our favorite, backyard hot tub privacy ideas so you can build a secluded, resort-style oasis at home.

Our Favorite Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

After you’ve installed the BuenoSpa hot tub, you can start thinking about some backyard hot tub privacy ideas. You can find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook - social media is a great platform for finding and sharing clever solutions to design problems. Here are the 15 most popular ways that people add privacy around their hot tub!

Install a Privacy Fence

The most common way to add more privacy to your backyard is by putting up a privacy fence. Build a fence around your hot tub area to create a private and secluded space. There are specially designed fences that can be made of wood, metal, composite, PVC, or other plastics.

You don’t even have to choose the standard vertical slats. A horizontal fence can give your property a more modern, resort-like feel - especially when using teak wood or composite materials.

If you don’t want a permanent fence, you can purchase a folding sectional which you can place around your hot tub when you’re using it, then fold it up when you’re done with your soak. However, this option can be inconvenient and if left up during severe weather, could potentially damage your hot tub.

Plant Privacy Hedges

If you prefer natural dividers, you could plant tall hedges around your spa. This backyard hot tub privacy idea is environmentally friendly, as you will be creating a natural fence.

To do this, plant tall, dense hedges around your hot tub to create a natural privacy barrier. Be sure to choose evergreen, low-maintenance plants that love the sun. If you don't choose the right type of hedges you may risk setting your once-gorgeous garden area to be a wasteland of brown and rotting plants.

When choosing plants, think about your locale! If you live in an area that snows often, this may not be the best choice for your setup. However, if you life in Florida or other sunny states, think tropical! Palms and large-leaved plants can be a good choice, as they are not only hardy, but also make you feel like you are relaxing in a lush rainforest.

Plants Used to Add Backyard Hot Tub Privacy:

●    Palms
●    Leyland cypress
●    Holly
●    Yew
●    Thuja
●    Cherry laurel
●    Privet
●    Boxwood
●    Italian cypress

Hang Outdoor Curtains

An outdoor curtain can be an interesting solution when looking to add backyard hot tub privacy ideas. When done right, it can look elegant and refined. You’ll need to make sure you’re choosing a sturdy, waterproof material that can withstand the elements.

To install your outdoor curtains, measure the area you want to surround. You’ll need to purchase enough materials to cover the area’s width, length, and height. Then, construct a rod or wire system to hang the privacy screen on.

This is one of our backyard hot tub privacy ideas that would require regular upkeep, as if your materials start to fray or fade, will degrade the quality and ambiance of your backyard oasis.

Build a Pergola

A pergola is also a great option if you want a private space for enjoying your BuenoSpa hot tub. A well-built pergola that surrounds your hot tub creates an instant luxurious feeling - especially when strung with market lighting and plants. It’s important to note that a pergola has an open canopy, or lattice-style roof. The sun, rain, and other elements will be able to reach through to your hot tub lounge area which can drastically change your relaxation experience.

To add extra privacy to your pergola, add lattice or trellis panels to enclose your hot tub or spa area. You can also choose to install fake plants or plant vines at the base of those panels so you are surrounded by the lush protection of leaves and the security of the pergola walls.

Install Bamboo Screens

Looking for more eco-friendly backyard hot tub privacy ideas? Another environmentally friendly solution is bamboo. You can either plant bamboo shoots which grow dense and quickly, or you can purchase bamboo screens to act as a screen.

These natural fences are affordable and eco-friendly, and you can easily put them up yourself. There are color and texture options for these privacy dividers. Place them strategically around your hot tub area to block unwanted eyes. For an even more natural effect, you can complement this with plants, palms, or ivy.

Use Decorative Partitions

Decorative partitions are not only easy to use, but you can decorate them in the way you want. Install these or room dividers to create privacy around your hot tub. Look for screens or panels made from materials like wood, metal, or even stained glass. There are countless types of room dividers on the market, so you just have to choose the one that fits your hot tub area.

While beautiful and customizable, this is one of those backyard hot tub privacy ideas that does come with caution. Unless your partitions are fixed securely into the ground, you may be putting your hot tub at risk. Make sure to purchase quality materials and install it in such a way that has yours and your BuenoSpa hot tub’s safety in mind.

Construct a Gazebo

A gazebo is a structure similar to a pergola that can enhance the area around your hot tub. The major difference between a gazebo and a pergola is that a gazebo has a permanent roof canopy. A gazebo will offer shade and better protection from the elements which will make a massive difference in how you enjoy your hot tub.

You can either build a gazebo around your BuenoSpa hot tub to provide both privacy and shelter, or you can consult a contractor to build the gazebo for you. Opt for designs with solid walls or curtains that can be drawn for added seclusion.

Add Privacy Trees

Sprawling trees with large foliage also prove to be a good option when creating a private space. When trees are saplings they do not give as much shade and privacy, but if you take care of them properly, they will offer privacy in a few years.

However, be mindful of how large your tree of choice will grow - including the roots. If you have an inground or partially inground hot tub and you plant saplings around your deck, you may eventually risk the plant growing too large and ruining your hot tub plumbing, foundation, or decking.

With that in mind, plant your privacy trees strategically around your hot tub area in your backyard to add a sense of seclusion. Choose taller trees that create a natural barrier.

Another disclaimer to for this backyard hot tub privacy ideas: when choosing tall trees to surround your lounge and hot tub area, it may impact your maintenance cost and frequency. With trees dropping limbs and leaves, you’ll likely need to clean your BuenoSpa hot tub filter more often. If this is your favorite of our backyard hot tub privacy ideas: great! Just be sure to purchase a hot tub cover to protect your hot tub.

Hang Outdoor Blinds

Similar to curtains, outdoor blinds are a great alternative if you want to hide away from prying eyes. The blinds cost will depend on the material. Outdoor blinds or shades can be easily opened or closed to control the level of privacy around your hot tub. You could also find automatic shades in order to control them from wherever you are.

Choose a material that is weather-resistant to avoid deterioration or fading.

Utilize Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are like decorative partitions, but they are lighter, making them more portable. Set up these privacy screens or room dividers around your hot tub and enjoy the convenient partition.

Similar to blinds, shades, and other temporary privacy partitions, you should be mindful of the weather. If installing privacy screens in a more permanent fashion, consult a professional. A contractor can help you find and install the parts for your privacy screen to be a more permanent installation.

Outdoor Roller Shades

Outdoor roller shades are similar to blinds, only much lighter, cheaper, and often of a slightly lower quality. You don’t need a professional to install them, but you will need to mount them on support beams or a rod-and-wire setup. Look for UV-resistant materials that are designed for outdoor use, and also choose natural colors.

Living Wall or Vertical Garden

One of our favorite backyard hot tub privacy ideas is to plant a vertical garden around your hot tub. A living wall, or vertical garden, is a partition that provides shade and privacy at the same time. It saves space in your yard by utilizing the vertical real estate that typically would not be used by plants. This combination of plants, planters, and trellises adds a lush, green backdrop that offers more privacy.

Canopy or Parasol

A large canopy or parasol can also be a good solution for privacy while using your outdoor hot tub. This is an elegant option that delivers a “glamping” feel in your backyard. Install a canopy or large parasol above your BuenoSpa hot tub area, to feel relaxed and to avoid bugs, leaves, and dirt winding up in your hot tub.

Opt for a canopy with side panels or curtains that can be drawn closed for increased seclusion. This option not only provides privacy but also offers shade and protection from the elements.

Hot Tub Enclosure

Yes, it is also an option to build a separate outdoor "room" for your hot tub. For this, you will likely need the help of a professional contractor in order to plan for permitting and site preparation. This is the most expensive of our backyard hot tub privacy ideas, but it is also one of the safest and most luxurious. A custom structure provides complete privacy while allowing you to enjoy your hot tub regardless of the weather.

Add a Water Feature

This is likely the most ineffective option in terms of privacy, but it’s one of the most unique backyard hot tub privacy ideas: a waterfall. You can install a water feature, such as a small fountain or waterfall, near your hot tub to block some of the prying eyes from view.

This will result in more water and electricity consumption, but it's sure to add a feeling of luxury while helping with privacy. The soothing sounds of water can help create a peaceful ambiance around your hot tub area so you may not even care if your nosy neighbor can see your silhouette through the water stream.

What to Consider with Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

These additional alternatives offer unique ways to add privacy to your hot tub area while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Choose the option that best fits your needs and personal style. Now that you have the best backyard hot tub privacy ideas, let’s see what you have to consider, before you start building one of the above options.

Local Regulations

Local regulations can easily dictate the way you build a pergola, gazebo, vertical garden, or indoor hot tub structure in your yard. Be sure to ask your local regulations office what is allowed and what is not and plan your partition accordingly.

Building Codes

States and municipalities regulate how and where you can build a new structure - even on your own property. You’ll need to work with your local building inspector or hire a contractor to help you navigate your local building codes.

Some HOA, or homeowner’s associations, even restrict the types of fences or plants you can plant in your yard. It’s not guaranteed that you can erect a wall or building, or that you are allowed to plant a huge tree in your own yard.

Neighbors Permission

In a good, neighborly fashion, you should speak with your neighbors before you build anything or make any modifications to your home. If your plans conflict with their plans or lifestyle, you may need to find another solution or a compromise. You should do this even if you don't think it will affect their view or area in any way. The renovation also involves noise, so let them know this well in advance.


Of course, a separate room or a pergola cost much more than a simple dividing wall or a few plants. Think about your budget, how much money you can spend on it, then choose the right privacy option for you.

Available Space

Maybe you really want a huge living wall or a separate pergola, but the space you have will not accommodate it. Before you buy anything, measure the area around your Bueno Spa hot tub and decide based on the reality of your space - not solely on wants.

Climate & Weather

If you want to plant gorgeous bamboo shoots or evergreen hedges to surround your hot tub, make sure your desired plant can thrive through season and soil. What works for a hot tub owner in Florida may not work for a hot tub owner in Vermont.

Contact Us for More Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

With these backyard hot tub privacy ideas, you can create the perfect everyday retreat and “staycation” at home. Choose your favorite ideas or combine several to assemble a secluded BuenoSpa experience.

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