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New York Hot Tub

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New York spa provides an unforgettable experience for 6 people at a time. The arrangement of the jets ensures optimum neck and shoulder massage, while the MyHip™ jets provide professional-level waist and hip massage. This model also includes a MySeat™ reclining place.

Practicality and comfort in a single product, the New York adapts to your individual needs! The main feature of our product, apart from its 85 x 85 inches space requirement, is that it has 5 standard seats and 1 lounge seat, meaning that even a larger group can enjoy perfect comfort. Unique waterline lighting makes sure that you relax not only your body, but mentally as well. The soft, yet modernistic design ensures that the exterior will be to your liking as well.

myHIP™ jets 
Exclusive myHIP™ jets to break down body fats around the hips and tone the soft tissues.

mySEAT™ for Man&Woman
Our unique mySEAT™ lounge ensures exceptional comfort for different body sizes.

New York hot tub is available with the following massage seats:

Step seat
The New York has a clever third seat that doubles as a convenient access step.

RELAX massage seat
It targets the regeneration of the shoulder girdle and the longitudinal back muscle tissues, as well as the hip flexor muscles and the knee extensor muscles – the muscle groups most exposed to everyday loads.

COOL DOWN massage seat
After a complete body massage or water gymnastics, sometimes it feels good just to stay sitting on the edge of the pool, and let our back muscles be lightly massaged. This seat is perfect for children, too.

FOCUS massage seat
It offers its user an experience similar to the Expert effect, relaxing the longitudinal back muscle tissues, and passively exercising the hip and the thigh flexor and extensor muscle groups.

INTENSO massage seat
The most refreshing massage seat. The favorite of professional athletes. After exhaustive and intensive training, it ensures the regeneration of the most critical areas, the back and leg muscles.

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Buenospa limited warranty details:

  • Structure: 7 Years
  • Shell: 7 Years
  • Major Components: 2 Year
  • Plumbing: 2 Year
  • Labor: 1 Year

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