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Extended Warranty period +1 year

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We provide you with an extra period of warranty for their Buenospa hot tubs if you purchase this "Extended Warranty period +1 year" option.

Extended Warranty offers a guarantee for all elements of your Buenospa hot tubs for up to an extra year.

It is possible to extend the warranty directly on the new Buenospa hot tub to be purchased and on already delivered hot tubs, which are within the standard warranty period.

Access to the Warranty Extension has never been so easy: purchase the Extended Warranty period +1 year option to get one extra year of warranty to your Buenospa hot tub.

Buenospa limited warranty details:

  • Structure: 7 Years
  • Shell: 7 Years
  • Major Components: 2 Years
  • Plumbing: 2 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

Buenospa Extended warranty details:

  • Structure: 7+1 Years
  • Shell: 7+1 Years
  • Major Components: 2+1 Years
  • Plumbing: 2+1 Years
  • Labor: 1+1 Years

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