Spa Filter 13,3in x 4,9in 50 sqf (no thread)

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Spa Filter 13,3in x 4,9in 50 sqf (no thread)

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While you relax, body oils and other contaminants are removed by large capacity cartridge filters that ensure 100% filtration of the water many times each day. For simple system maintenance filters can be easily taken out and replaced.

The filter can be highly efficient to reduce hair, leaves, dust, sediments and sand.

Strong and Durable -The filter can withstand high pressure and high capacity chlorine corrosion.

Enjoy your leisure time in your spa and hot tub.

For Hot Tub: Jersey

Temperature: ~ 122°F (50 °C)

Buenospa Cleaning Tip: Please clean the filter weekly thoroughly strong water pressure!

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